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Creating Custom Forms

Forms are specific for the task they are used for a variety of tasks, including statements, requests, orders, etc.  It is important to personalize them to fit your needs

Advantages of forms include the following:

  • One has to write less (while the printing is almost universally done in some automatic way)

  • One is told or reminded what information has to be supplied

  • There is uniformity, for convenience in processing

  • Information is collected in writing and so can be reexamined later (the form can also include a signature field to allow someone to take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided).

  • Simpler tasks, such as collecting or distributing data, can be separated in the workflow from more skilled processes, such as making decisions. Issuing and processing the forms may then be done by less skilled staff, or by a computer. The de-skilled task becomes issuing or completing the appropriate form for the circumstances, and then passing it on to the next step in the workflow. This might reduce costs and increase the volume of work that can be handled.

  • A form on a computer allows for conveniently typing in the variable parts (the input data).

Forms can be created in a variety of types of software, including Adobe, Access, Excel, FileMaker Pro, and many others.  We can generate a form in any of these programs customized to fit your needs.