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Taking Online Classes

What this entails

  • Your Part

    • Enroll in the class​

    • Purchase the book(s)

    • Send us the class link, site access information, and book(s) to us

  • Our Part​

    • We take over from there​

    • We complete all discussion/forum posts

    • We complete each weekly assignment

    • We complete any semester projects

    • We sign in and take any exams for you

      • NOTE: If the LockDown browser is used and engages the camera, we are unable to take the exams

  • Additional services we can provide​​

    • Some classes require a secondary website​ for quizzes and exams. We take those for you.

    • Several business courses require simulation participation and - for an additional fee - we can take over these responsibilities for you.  In every one we've done, we ranked highest among the entire class