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Mach J., Perth Amboy, NJ - June 2015

“I turned in an order for 5 papers with various requirements, all of them difficult, and not only were they all done on time, they were all wonderfully written with great attention to detail, even though I only gave you 5 days notice, you came through and I will never forget it.”

Brad H., Tampa, FL - May 2015

“A huge thanks to you for coming through for my last paper. I provided virtually no notice since I forgot about the deadline, but you were still able to come up with a wonderful paper ahead of time, exceeding even my wildest expectations. I got a great score and will definitely be coming back! Thank you.”

Paula A., Torrance, CA - October 2018

“I found you as a student 10 years ago.  Today, my health keeps me from working, but I know I can still count on your for all my legal correspondence and updating my non-profit website.  What's more, you actually care. You know how poor my health is and if you don't hear from me for a while, you always get in touch.  You are a gift and one that I truly treasure.”

Brian M., New York, NY - October 2016

"I thought what I wanted was impossible.  That's what I had been told by six other writers.  No matter how much I offered to pay them, they turned down the work.  But you came through, and got me the highest grade in the class.  Thanks to you, I graduated.

"Now that I'm working in the business sector, you still do a great job proofreading and editing what I need, creating the forms I require, dreaming up elaborate, and brilliant presentations, doing my research, and just making me look good.  I was recently given a promotion because of a stunning presentation I gave, that was designed by you, with notes pages that you provided.  I can never thank you enough - you're my secret weapon and I thank you. I am excessively grateful!"

Kathy W., Huntington Beach, CA - May 2010

“I’m writing to thank you for all the help you did for me these past two years. Being a returning student, I was out of practice with writing and report methods, looking up the information by using a computer, the different formats used now. Besides the grammar and punctuation rules. So thank you so much for your help. I couldn’t have passed my classes without hiring you. Respectfully."

Derrick B., New York, NY - April 2017

“I used another writer before I found you, Lynd, and there is no comparison!  You always surpass even my highest expectations. I refer all my friends to you because I know there's no one else out there like you.  I wouldn't be graduating this year if not for you, and I certainly wouldn't have an 'A' average.  It's all because of you, you made college bearable and you have my undying gratitude!"

Edward C., Venice, CA - November 2018

“You write so well. I'm amazed that you haven't been snagged up by some company to do all their writing or find some other way to make what you're worth. The amount of money you ask for for your essays is a pittance compared to the quality of the work I received. I thank you and know that I wouldn't have passed speech, English, sociology, humanities, or any other of my classes that required essays or papers, without your help. From the bottom of my heart “THANK YOU”

Kate M., West Hollywood, CA - January 2011

“I know exactly what to do when I have an assignment:  I call Lynd and she takes care of anything. She's always busy but has never failed to come through for me. You won't regret hiring her!”

Thomas M., Sydney, AUS - November 2009

“I first came to Lynd with an enormous project that I knew I couldn't complete on my own. It required weeks of intensive research, answering questions I didn't even understand and using resources that made no sense to me. I shopped around for a writer, desperate even though I had never used one before. Money was a concern but mostly, I wanted someone who would be able to devote the necessary time to it and would give me the 'A' I so desperately needed from the hardest professor I had ever had. After speaking to some companies, I talked to Lynd at WriteWrighters.com and even though she cost more, I decided she was worth it. She offered me a money-back guarantee if I didn't get at least a B, but said she could virtually guarantee me an 'A'. She had a month to complete the 55 page project, and she kept me up to date every few days. She completed the project a few days ahead of schedule and sent it to me for my review, to make sure it had everything I wanted. It was an incredible work! Well written, smart selection of quotes and citations, good use of photographs, and it went above and beyond what was asked for. I saw no flaws in it but was still worried because the professor was still so hard on me. Not only did I receive a perfect 100%, but the professor wrote, "I knew you had more in you but this was better by far than anything I expected. You have a phenomenal ability to weave together all the necessary elements into a seamless completed work. Great job!" Since this first project, I have been faithfully devoted to Lynd as my sole resource for help with my writing, presentations, and even chemistry homework. She does it all, and she does it all amazingly well. I will never go anywhere else!”

Tim M., Taos, NM - December 2018

“I went back to high school at 34, then on to college and although I never hired Lynd to write my papers for me, her editing services were amazingly vital to me passing English, history, political science, and virtually every subject I took. She had not only the ability to edit them perfectly, she helped me learn as we went through my courses with incredible patience and unerring skill. I can now write on my own thanks to her help, but for anything serious, I hire her to edit my work. Thank you for everything, for my diploma, my degree, my success. You were the key to it all.”

Yasmine E., Corpus Christie, TX - December 2018

"I cannot believe how you came through for me! I had a strategy class to take last term that was a requirement for my graduation. It was all online and included an interactive simulation. Not only did you ace the assignments, quizzes, and exams, but you were by far the most successful "CEO" in the simulation, more than 10 points ahead of the next highest team. The essay analysis that you wrote about the simulation received the highest grade in the class. This is the second online class you took for me and the first one, Geology, you did an extraordinary job with as well. That was over a year and a half ago, and I've used you for scattered essays and assignments since then, always doing well, but you surpassed yourself with the simulation. Even the professor said she had never seen anyone attain more than 50% market share when there were 8 teams competing. It wasn't supposed to be worth extra credit, but she said I did so well, she felt compelled to give me an extra 5% on the assignment, taking my class grade above 100%. You surpassed even your previously high track record. Thanks so much, God bless you!"