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Writing Research Papers / Essays

This is one of the most commonly requested services among students, particularly for college students.  An essay is a short piece of writing that presents the writers perspective, story, and/or argument about a subject. 


They can be formal or informal. 

  • We do not use informal unless the instructor specifically asks for it in the instructions.  First-person narratives are to be avoided unless specifically allowed.

  • Formal essays, which include research papers, are academic, analytical, and use the third-person perspective.

We write essays from high school level to graduate level, incorporating analysis, interpretation, information, and critical thinking wherever necessary. 

We have written thousands of essays and have received an average grade of 95.6% (A) on formal and informal essays and research papers combined.  

Written essays as short as 100 words and as long as 24,000 words, ranging from 0.5 pages to 100 pages.


We specialize in critical thinking essays and research papers, but we can write any type of essay or paper.